Port Augusta, Woomera, Lake Heart, and Coober Pedy

WinniNowie Conservation Park

We camped at Winnniowie Conservation Park before leaving to Coober Pedy.

Our camp site.


In 1947 Woomera was established as a British rocket testing site.We saw lots of rockets, plains and anti-aircraft guns.

Lake Heart

Along the way we also saw Lake Heart we is a salt lake.

Lake Heart

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is known for it’s opal mining and one of Australia’s most unique places because people live underground.

Welcome to Coober Pedy
Old Timers Mine

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Church
The Dog Fence
Me at The Dog Fence

The Breakaways are a breathtaking example of Australian arid scenery.

The Breakaways

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