LED Headlight Upgrade

Narva Ultima LED High/Low Beam Replacement

After successfully installing and testing the Ultima 215s, Narva where kind enough to send out a High/Low Beam Headlight replacement kit for us to review.

A little research shows these lights will deliver:

  • Crisp bright white light that doesn’t “dazzle” oncoming traffic (a welcome change from our old halogen “yellas”)
  • Shock and vibration resistant build quality
  • Long life @ 30,000 hours eliminating replacement of blown globes
  • Lower power consumption, and
  • Reduced driver fatigue due to eye strain.

Once again the packaging and product quality was clearly apparent, and I was happy to see the T10 Park Globes to round out the upgrade. With nothing else to do, we jumped right into the install.

Ultima LED Replacement
LED Low beam replacement

This install was a simple “switch out” for the H10, H11 and HB3 plugs simply plugging into my factory headlight, the only additional thing left to do was secure the transformers.

Overall the process was relatively simple with absolutely no technical knowledge required to undertake this upgrade, the Prado 150 with its limited space and my second battery made it hard to get good access, so at times it was a little fiddly. But managable!

Narva LED
Standard Halogen vs Ultima Upgrade

And the output speaks for itself! Stay tuned for further performance updates when we test out these lights on our upcoming trip.

Upgrade results
Output comparison Standard vs Ultima LED Upgrade

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