Paper Map or App?


The original paper map pictured was used to plan and navigate a family road trip back in 1986. This simple piece of paper holds many stories and fond memories. Now 31 years later, we will make a similar trip commencing the 15th September 2017 with our “little” family.

It was refreshing to sit around this map and reflect on the trip and compare notes and destinations.

I must say, I have had a paper map on the “to do” list for some time to purchase. And after many late nights plotting points in various online and GPS tools. This sealed the deal!

The online tools and various navigators on the market are great. But nothing beats a paper map to connect you to the trip, and for me re connect me with many fond memories of orientering with a paper map and compass.

Digital mapping is great and suitable in most applications. But it may be a good idea for to refrain from putting all your trust and faith in mapping apps. Having a paper map on hand will be a great keep sake, and may get you out of trouble in the case technology fails you.

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