Driving light selection and install

Narva Ultima L.E.D 215 Driving Lights

After getting through all the “Weight” related concerns, GVM, GCM, ATM, Tare the list goes on (more on that later…).

It was time to turn to the subject of driving lights, in the past we had ran the halogen IPF Xtreme Sport Series from supplemented with a STEDI light bar. And whilst this combination served us well for several years. With recent advances in LED technology, I felt we could do better on our Prado 150 build in preparation for our 6 week road trip.

With an array of driving lights available that enhance standard headlight penetration when driving at night, which is generally inadequate for Australian outback roads. We started to look around at various LEDs on the market, it soon became apparent of the explosion of suppliers in this field.

That’s when we first laid eyes on the new 215s! At first glance, a great looking driving light. Further investigation confirmed that these would be the driving lights for us.

  • 10,500 Lumens (8,500 effective lumens)
  • 33 x 5 Watt XP-G2 Cree® LEDs
  • Constructed from light weight Pressure Die Cast Aluminium
  • Customisable appearance via interchangeable face plates
  • Fully sealed against water and dust ingress
  • Tool-free adjustment

On opening the box we were extremely impressed with the packaging and presentation, removing the unit from its snug moulded surrounding. You could feel the quality and see the design considerations that had gone into these lights.

Rugged construction, a solid mounting bracket with option of one or three bolt configuration. And best of all, we could choose the trim colour from red, yellow, blue or black!

Solid, really solid units.

We opted for the Narva wiring harness, and was once again extremely impressed with the product quality and instructions provided. Clearly labelled, heavy duty, well protected plug and play. This was clearly a quality piece of kit.

Plug & Play wiring harness

We went with the three bolt configuration. This would offer better security against theft and in our opinion was a better long term solution for tackling corrugations and off-road driving situations.

Rubber mount pad supplied. Used as template to align and drill holes.
We opted for the 3 bolt configuration for extra security!

All mounted up, now to run in the wiring harness.  From the front of the vehicle, we ran the harness behind our grill and out to the lights, fastened the excess harness and with a little help passed it up behind the left hand headlight. Plugged it into the HB3 high beam connector and connected it to the battery and vehicle park circuit.

Secured cable with supplied cable ties, then trimmed excess tags.
Wiring made simple

The verdict… Well, I will give them a full workout on the trip and report back.

However, some short initial urban testing the night we completed the install. Impressed, really impressed with the light output, and it has shown us how poor/yellow the factory lights on the Prado actually are. Looks like a LED headlight upgrade is in the wind.

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