15/9/17 Day 2

Today was an early start we woke up at 5:00am and left at quarter past. Then it was the first of many boring drives. Our first stop was a bakery were we ate a hurried breakfast of pies and sausage roles. Then it was back in the car. And around 2 hours later we arrived at Dubbo.

The one thing I learnt about Dubbo was that they like rhinos. We saw 4 in total and there was probably more!! And after that back in the car. And than finally we had made it to where we were staying…Cobar. It looked amazing and we went to see the mines and it was huge!!!

It went low down there in depth and even longer cross ways. We got to camp and we started dinner on the BBQ and it was delicious. Now time to wait till morning to see what comes next in our adventure.

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